Electric Products

To meet the growing requirements and industrial trend towards sustainable electric machinery, Go Green NZ supplies a range of electric trucks and forklifts, offering competitive performance, high quality, and a very attractive price.

The purpose of these products is to deliver maximum performance and efficiency, while save energy, material, and ultimately saving on costs.

With all of the EP Range, Go Green NZ provides a 24 hr backup service with a 2 hour response time. All parts are interchangeable and provided on all product lines, 

Rental/Leasing options available upon request, please email: info@gogreennz.co.nz

  • Pallet Truck / EPT20-15ET
    from only $34.20 per week


    • Load capacity 1500kg
    • Smallest Electric Pallet truck on the market
    • No physical effort required, the smallest person can move large loads 
    • Safe for all users with 4 safety switches
    • Stops instantly with electromagnetic brake
    • Power easily up or down ramps loaded
    • Strong and good quality
    • On board charge just plug into socket when needed / built in charger
    • Maintenance free - gel batteries
    • Up to 6 hours run time
    • Strong and great quality
    • 2 Fork Sizes Available: (1150mm x 685mm or 1100mm x 560mm)


    Pallet Truck / EPT20-15ET
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